5-18 Sip & Saute By DeGennaro: Chicken & Waffle Appetizers

Janet DeGennaro makes Chicken & Waffle appetizers.
more info check out >> welcome back. we’re in the kitchen with chef janet. how are you? >> i’m good. how are you. >> isn’t the break she was saying thatten kc o’day and i can make this recipe because it’s so easy. all my recipes are easy. i want you to be able to go home and be successful in making this. >> okay what are we making? >> oh, my gosh. it’s so much fun. we’re making chicken and waffles today. and you can make your favorite waffle or you can buy a waffle. and then our sauce the four stable spoons of honey. two tablespoons of hot sauce. you can pick your own. you want to heat that up. there you’ve got your sweet and your little pot that will kick it up. and then you can premake the waffle. i did that at home. follow the waffle this is just a premade waffle. ramp this up and move up a little bit. you can make your own fried chicken that you will use for your waffle. we’re making



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