5-18 H.E.A.L.T.H.Y. Eats: Banana Berry Oat Bars

Kristina Marinkovich makes Banana Berry Oat Bars
and from sip and saute it is chef janet later on in our hour. we’re kicking things with miss u.s. universal. the author of cookbook healthy eats. welcome. >> hello. hi. >> thanks for having me back again. before we get into the recipe. how did it go? >> its wonderful. it was wonderful. the prince and princess are humble and down to earth. it’s just like having a conversation with you and i. it was a great experience. i think they will be back. we raise over 7,000. >> wow. yea. that’s wonderful to hear. i know — also wonderful a nice dish. we’re making barry oat bars. >> it’s very easy. this is cup of oatmeal that’s been put in the blender and almost like the consistency of flour. then we will add two mashed bananas, and super easy. they can actually help you make them. a cup of regular oatmeal that hasn’t been put in the blender. this is two teaspoons of cinnamon. you can do agave necta



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