4K Ribs On The Grill

We cooked 4K Ribs on the grill with Dave Kareemo.
backyard barbecue. and we are here with dave kareemo. >> there’s a lot of testosterone with the grill and the ribs and the men. >> you’re with dave’s mom and his wife. >> that’s right. and this is one of your favorite things for dave to cook, right? >> oh, definy. >> what makes it so good. what’s so good about the rib recipe that he’s sharing? >> the ingredients. he puts a few little things in i don’t even know about. >> some secret ingredients being reveal here on “the rhode show.” do you want to say hi to any grandchildren? >> definitely. caylee, hi, and dean. >> where do they go to school? >> north kingston. >> they would have been here today but they had exams. >> that’s right. >> here’s my question to dave, i always ask a true grill master the question, is there a right or wrong answer? gas or charcoal? >> gas. >> gas. >> why do you say gas. >> it’s just so much easier. oh, yeah. i



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