417 Tap House – 4/15/17

417 Tap House – 4/15/17
businesses and services in the ozarks. this is ozarks professionals jeremy: you are looking for a really fun place to eat look no further than 417 tap house. i’m here with zack the owner and natalie the event coordinator. hi guys how’s it going? tell me zack, when i come to 417 tap house what can i expect? zack: you’re going to experience like nothing else in town. we have games we have food. we have great drinks and a wonderful staff that is happy to see you. jeremy: that’s awesome. now i hear your menu has changed. you’ve updated and you have one of my favorites. chicken and waffles. zack: yet we have our chicken waffles. it is our hand battered chicken sweet cream waffles and it is served with a side of fries. it comes in various different options. were you got two chicken strips two waffles or one chicken strip and one waffle you mix-and-match anyway you want with lots of sauses to g



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