4 Hour Wait For Christmas Dinner

12/25/10, 10 p.m. Scores of people wait up to four hours for a non-traditional Christmas dinner. After a quarter century, a Denver BBQ on Colfax closes. Marshall Zelinger reports.
us up, more coming up.how long would you wait for a christmas meal? instead of spending the day with family, scores of people spent their christmas on colfax waiting…for barbeque. 7news reporter marshall zelinger is live at colfax and logan tonight. marshall, the barbeque place is closing after 25 years… so just how long was the line? >> dayle… look inside wolfe’s bar-b- que… not too big. well, today on his last day the line stretched out about here. you wouldn’t think that would take that long. but once you realize he’s been a one-man operation for two decades, waiting here, meant about four hours. > > we have three barbequed tofus and 1 chopped chicken. > > >> “we have three barbeque tofus and one chopped beef.” >> not exactly your traditional christmas dinner. >> “no, but it is today.” >> “david, combo plate.” >> by the looks of it outside, you would think it was black friday.



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