4-Day Throw Away

Do you always find yourself with leftovers after dinner? Cindy Brison from the food and safety extension at UNL is back in the studio and she will offer suggestions for how long you can keep those leftovers and freezing options. Plus, as part of the “4-Day Throw Away” campaign, Cindy will be bringing in a special guest!
fair game… as long as they’re free of anything fuzzy! others rely on their noses. but how can you really tell — if those leftovers are safe to eat?! welcome back — cindy brison.. along with — the number 4! i know the answer to this — thanks to the number standing right here. leftovers are good for how long?! what are the rules with freezing leftovers? why important? consequences of going past 4 days? how are you using… your foam guest here… to get this lesson across? this is a partnership with the u-s department of agriculture. what’s the overall benefit to getting this message out? why does food safety… fall under the “u-n-l extension” umbrella? more the “u-n-l extension” umbrella? more information … we showed you where to go online — for tips on nutrition … food safety… even cooking. while you’re online — swing by our site… omaha morning blend dot com. watch sho



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