25 Best Cookbooks

25 best cookbooks
lot of people. >> thank you. >>> there are so many wonderful cookbooks on the shelves. it can be overwhelming when you are trying to choose the best one. to narrow it down, “best of the best cookbook recipes,” title of the book, food and wine editor dana cowin. we’re talking about cookbooks, not just any old cookbooks. 150 contenders, marrowed the list down to 25. >> yes. >> each one hand picked by the editors at food and wine magazine. >> we look at thousands of cookbooks and say some are worth testing. 150 this year. test kitchen, test every single one, and then find the 25 best which is what we have in the book, and with us we have a selection today. >> we will try to get through as many as we can today. we will get through them. italian grill, this one has traditional italian recipes. >> it is mario batali, a great, great cook. 6th cookbook. you think of him as cooking lusty foods, t



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