240 Sweet

Marshmellow rice crispy treats
kitch -ps by design. always beautiful, always by design. >> coming up later, we’ll show you. coming up, chef alexis from 240 sweet. you brought a friend. >> i did. >> do we help? >> i’ll do whatever she needs me to do. i’m ready. >> good man. >> absolutely. exactly. >> good call. what do we have here? i’ll have a marshmallow. >> not just a marshmallow today. >> salted carmel rice crispy treats. >> okay. >> start with the butter. >> okay. of course! >> just a pinch. just a tad. >> okay. >> now the recipe, is it available on your web site? >> i’m sure it is. i’m sure it will be. >> fabulous web designer. >> walter. >> right. >> walter! we’ll talk about that. >> we have a — 240 staff meeting right here? >> little bit. >> we have the ip guy in. >> everybody. >> oh, we have a pound of our salted carmel marshmallow. >> can i try it out? >> dipped this butter. >> oh, my gosh. remind people at



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