2011 Food Trends

2011 Food TrendsnnDownloads, instant messaging and mobile devices are all part of 2011 food trends! That’s according to predictions by Supermarket Guru Phil Lempert, who’s been forecasting trends in the food industry for over 25 years. While value and convenience continue to top shoppers’ lists, Phil says consumers will begin to utilize mobile food applications at every point in the grocery store.nnOther trends include the ongoing efforts to trim labels as brands’ ingredient statements shrink in length and feature simplified language. Also, driven by research emphasizing vitamin D deficiencies in Americans, look for naturally occurring vitamin D to be touted everywhere, stressing convenient sources of the important nutrient. And as consumers and retailers begin to understand that it’s impossible to have all food produced within 100 miles of where they live, look for regional to emerge based on the tastes and culture of the areas where they’re sold.
Welcome back, everybody. Our next guest has ben forecasting trends at the grocery store now for about 25 years. What does he see in 2011? Oh, great supermarket guy are you phil lempert, how will consumers adjust their shopping habits in the coming new year?nnI think, bill, with big smiles on their face. Here’s what we’ve discovered over the past two years. How to save money. We have seen manufacturers like healthy choice, these brands coming up with new technology in order to steam products, whether it be frozen fod or shelf stable so that it cooks better and tastes beter. Now it all comes together. They exciting tomorrow. New usda nutritional guidelines in january. Hopefully senate bil 510 comes to a food safety standpoint passes, the white house geting behind the let’s move program, new attention to eating healthy whether it is a school lunch or at home. And then all the technology pul



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