19 Crimes Wine Bottles

19 Crimes Wine Bottles
with petitions to encourage to bring it stateside. >> lisa: i’m listening to you, but i’m trying to prepare my phone for something cool. don’t be alarmed if you’re walking down the wine isle and a bottle starts talking to you. in the late 1700s and early 1800s, there was a british list of 19 crimes punishable by transportation to australia. i would think that was a reward. crimes include stealing, bigamy or breaking out of prison. >> initially we got a lot of engagement by collecting the corks. they had different crimes on them. people all over the world gravitating wanting to share their story. >> millaine: the company has gone to the next step which has augmented reality. you can actually hear about the crimes from the people on the bottles. >> lisa: they’re not just all men. director jackie had a bottle. we are going to try this to see if it works.watch this. let’s try again. >> no ca



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