17th Annual Chilifest

The Community Action Agency’s Chilifest.
joining us is the community action agency. thank you for being here. >> thank you for having us. >> i didn’t realize there isrei an international chili society. you’re serious in the chili world. give us some background. >> so far this year, i’ve cooked in the different states. it is the largest food fundraising organization in the world. >> this is your 22end year taking part. >> my 17>>th year cooking with wt sharon. sh >> this is ai chili cook off. >> a competiction. >> a full-fledged competition. going on how long? >> this is our 17tuh year iyen doing thiins. s we have a rweed chili, green chili, salsa, people’s choice and then a west virginia competition there is quite a bit going on on saturday. >> and do you always break out the chili pepper earings for the festivities. >> i do. i have a red cowboy hat i wear during the day. >> this is how people identify you. >> yes. >> and they



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