12 Drinks Of Christmas Winning Recipe

All this month, we’ve been bringing you delicious an non-alcoholic drinks for you to enjoy during the holidays. And we had you submit your own recipes. Today we are making the winning recipe.Valerie Mullins from Cowesett Inn, along with NiRoPe joined the show to be our taste testers!
followol that. we’re celebratingce the 12 drinks of christmas. all this month, we’ve been giving you delicious, non-alcoholic drinks talhat you can enjoy durinn g they holidays and would’ve askedan you to submit your own recipes. today we’re making they winningni recipe and joining us is valerieri of cowesett inn. >> hi, shawn. >> we also have nairobi by in cardi’s. >> we’re the official tasters. trs >> i cannot wait to see what this is. >> the green monster. m >> show me. >> let’s do’s it. so we’re going to start s with mint i ce cream c. >> that’s a lot of mint ice cream. >> that’s a lot. >> is that calleds a triple scoop. >> triple sething. >> oh, my. it looks good. >> all right. so — >> you’re not skimping. >> we are not. it’s the holiday season. >> it’s the>>s season of giving. then we’re going to crush in other — oreoes. >> how much shod we crush in. >> that t looks good. >> you



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