12 Drinks Of Christmas: Three Kings’ Citrus Ale

We’re making Three Kings’ Citrus Ale with Twist on Angell.
christmas. we’re getting into the holiday spirit and so we’re countireng down the days with our 12 drinks. each day we’re going to be showing you festive and fun nonalcoholic drinks to make for your guests this holiday season. here to help us out is jeff, he’s our residents bartender from twist on angell. what are we doing? >> we’re doing a three king citrus ale. >> you can’t make a drink without the ingredients, so what’s involve d.d. >> one o orange, one lime andan one lemon. you want to cube it up. what we have — what we’re going to do is add this in here and muddle it. >> we’re taking one of each and throwing it in there. >> : yeah. a whole one of each fruit there. >> step one complete. >> all right. r then we’ll muddle this down. >> i love must have had hest willing. >> squeeze all the juice out of it? >> : everybody needs a muddler. where can you pick this up? at a supermarket. >>



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