12 Drinks Of Christmas: Santa’s Helper Cider

12 drinks of Christmas: Santa’s Helper Cider
celebrate. >> it’s our 12 drinks of christmas, each day we’ve beeny bringing you a new recipe for a festive, fun, nonalcoholic drink and here to help us out today is jeff talmore from twist onom angell. you’re the official “the rhode show”ow bartender. thank you from them bottom ofto my heart. >> what have weha got. >> we have santa’s helperel cider. we have apple cider, cinnamon, nutmeg, clove. >> this is something easy, it doesn’t have to be a big drink for the parties. when kids come in from sledding, whip this up. it helps when you have the nice fancy — it’s not really mugs, but decorative glasses. about right here? >> yep. about right there. that’s it. you’re going to finish it up with a dollop of whipped cream. >> we’ve already mixed in our nutmeg, used our cinnamon. beautiful. check out all of our 12 drinks on line over at foxprovidence. com. for this recipe and for all the other



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