12 Drinks Of Christmas: Santa’s Cider

We’re making Santa’s Cider with Twist on Angell.
christmas, and it’s hard to believe, but christmas is only a few days away. and if you’re hosting or heading to holidayay gatherings, we have some drinks for you. we have what have we got here. >> we ha ve w santa’s cider, cranberry juice, all spice, orange juice, sugar, heat that up. ears our finished product. >> if you head to twist ontw angell, just ask any of the bartenders there to make you one of our famous 12 drinks of christmas. you guys are equipped to make all of them. >> absolutely. >> this looks like something that might be good. >> this would be good if weather like this. >> >> if you’re out there doing d your last-minute christmas shopping, this is nice and warm. let me taste that. that is good. santa’s helper cider. we also want to leto you know, submit your recipe on line for a chance to win a $500 gift card from cardi’s, as well as a gift carried to twist on angell and o



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