12 Drinks Of Christmas: Reindeer Juice

Learn how to make Reindeer Juice with Twist on Angell. Cheers!
christmas, we’re counting down to the big day by having fun at the bar. each day we’re going to show you festive and fun nonalcoholic drinks to make 4 your guests this weekend. here to help us out is our resident bartender from twist ont angell, jeff talmore. >> what are we doing today. >> we’re making reindeer juiakce.re >> whatha is in reindeer juice. >> we have apple juice, we warm w m that up, half a cinnamon stick, two cloves and a cube of butter b and nu tmeg to finish and we’ve added lemon rain ed to this as well. >> what’s our first step. >> let’s put a little cube ofe butter in each glass. >> which is odd. i’m going to trui’st you that this is going to taste — this is going to taste delicious, but i’ve never had a drink with butter in it i don’t think. >> pour this in, and this is going to steep just for a fewa moments. >> okay. >> i love anything with cinnamon in it, especiall



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