12 Drinks Of Christmas: Blood Orange Eggnog

Learn how to make Blood Orange Eggnog with Twist on Angell.
stands tomorrow. >> test a our 12 drinks of christma s. today we’re counting down the days to the big holiday. each day we’re going to show you festive and fun nonalcoholic drinks to make for your parties this holiday season. joing you go today is jeff from twist on angel. this is a particular drinkti that you’ll havyoe the talk off the town if youe u pull this off. >> blood orage eggnog. no >> what is –s >> we’re going to do a large batch so you can make one for the family here. >> a. k. a a. the crew who has been working hardor for us. >> we’ re>> going around two cups ice i cream, milk. >> two cups of milk, blood orange cons straivment going to rim the glass with ground nut megaas well asel sugar and we’re going to crack an egggg in here as well.e >> it does, it adds so much when you can rim the glass and make it festive. >> a lot off milk in there. >> unegg. >> show off in front of



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