11th Annual Fete Rouge Preview

Dori Murvin and Brian Dykes with the Baton Rouge Epicurean Society, event chairs for the 11th annual Fete Rouge wine and food celebration, joined Chad Sabadie on Local 33 News Today to preview the activities for August 24th and 25th.
weeks, the baton rouge epicurean society will host its annual fete rouge celebration.joining me now are event chairs dori murvin and brian dykes, good morning!! 11th year of this fantastic event, what can we expect later this month? how much of a positive impact does fete rouge and the other signature epicurean society events have?thursday night’s thursday night’s dinner, this year’s honoree? seats still available? friday night, food and wine, how can viewers get their tickets? thank you so much for your time!!we’ll have more local 33 news today



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