1/12/2011 11a-Steaks For The Stock Show

In honor of the National Western Stock Show, Gabby Gourmet carves up some of the best steaks in town.
shanahan’s, beet salad with cheese. they have a bone-in fillet which it coming up soon as i bring that over, this is truffle mac and cheese this is porter house with creamed spinach nelway’s in cherry creek the cowboy steak bone-in ribeye. > > that is a huge porterhouse steak, prime the bone in fillet as well, sides of sugar snapped peas, potatoes and mushrooms and the brussels sporuts hash (gabby calls it a “favorite, a must-have” nfour seasons hotel. wagoo beef cook on rock with all deep this is cooked at 1000 degrees, cook the meat with your appetizer, thehave a fabulous bone-in prime rib steak and down here is creamed corn spinach those are fritters with mac and cheese truffels. the mexican dish rett derrik > >n and this isholay steak bar; > > and t. bone steak and baked potato, here are great to green beans to go with it,nhuevos rancheron n thkeg right by the ballpark. t-bone with t



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