1060’s Holiday Appetizers

Holiday appetizers for this week’s festivities.
>> from the 1060 restaurant is here from us showing us some delicious holiday appetizers that you have. >> when you say holiday apps not for your iphone but edible apps. >> look how beautiful. they look so pretty. >> the main idea today was that i could do something easy that the viewers could do at home, not too difficult. to have the holiday theme involved. >> first item we have is an orange and cranberry stuffed prosciutto. the dried cranberries. i took them and cooked them down with orange juice and put in slice of prosciutto and roll it up. >> how long did it take to cook down the cranberries? >> basically until the liquid is gone. two cups to two cups. two cups cranberries. that’s relatively simple. cooks down then take this,. >> cranberry and orange you use a different fruit. it’s very seasonal. exactly, the salt and sweet and tang of everything it works. this is my christmas carp



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