1060’s Champagne Vinaigrette

Chef John from 1060 shares his recipe of Champagne Vinaigrette dressing!
>> we’re in the kitchen with chef john from 1060 restaurant. we’re talking about the champagne, not the kind you drink but make with vinaigrette. chef, this is a recipe that you guys have that’s your house recipe, right? >> it’s our house recipe. we use it primarily on our banquets as our house dressing. we serve thousands of salads with this. >> how is this different from a traditional, if i can say that, vinaigrette. as far as like — >> actual three is a creamy vinaigrette. most vinaigrettes are, quote, unquote, the healthier than a cream dressing. like say blue cheese or ranch. a standard vinaigrette which is three parts oil to one part vinegar. this is a cross between that. not all the way healthy but not all the way like a cream. >> you keep everybody happy. >> like a light version. >> get us started. >> great. what we do put our base in it so we can make the emulsification which c



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