10 Healthy Foods That Will Make You Fat

Most dieters mistake the following food choices as great to eat while dieting.
michaela. >> thank you, michelle. this morning in project fitness,ss as we all c ontinue to trytr to get healthy this year, it’s important to realize that even healthy foodss can make you will fat and joing us this morning mo to tell us more is melissa rechter from golds gold’s gym in east greenwich and pawtucket. >> good morning. >> you brought a little medially ll for us along theng table, so as important as it is to eat healthy, it’s also important to realize how much you’re taking in, is that right? >> absolutely. a great snack. k.a lot of people, especially athletes, whatever, you’re going to eat granola or the average person, you put granola on top of your cereal, you have to be careful you’re not snacking out of the back. measure things out. this is a quarter cup. this is a serving size of your granola and that’s what you want to put on top of yourr yogurt instead of dumping on th



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