051717 Two Hearty Dishes With The Texas Chef, CV Live

The Texas Chef, Stan McDonald, returns to whip up TWO dishes for us: North Texas Sausage and Potatoes, and Black Bean Corn Salad with Chipotle Cream Dressing.
>> welcome back. it’s time to make two dishes. we have the texas chef returnso our kitchen. it is so tasty and so easy to e an i think you are going to lov. i am excited. you break it down for us. i have three potatoes that are peeled. i like them peel. we stir it up just a little. they are also cooked. they are raw. that’s why it takes a little longer. >> you can take any sausage tht you like. we grew it up an that’s what i. all i use is a package. this is actually a texas sausa, too. that’s really good. you add that into it. i will cut the rest of it up. the very last intpwraoed kwrept and i have some chicken stock h. i have a cup an a half of chicn stock an we will pour that in t. >> chicken stock is salty. you only want a little bit. you can always add it at the ef you are not happy with it to spe it up. i always say there’s no rules. if you want to make your own d, that’s fine. this



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