“Farm-To-Table” Cooking / Chef Nick Stellino

“Farm-To-Table” Cooking in Your Own NeighborhoodnAdd a Tasty Global Twist to Fresh Local Ingredients withnChef Nick StellinonStar of The Popular New TV Series “Cooking with Friends”
Did you know you can enjoy mccafe coffee drinks, frappes or smothies while surfing the web at mcdonald’s participating wi-fi enabled locations. It is ire destination for high-quality coffee and non-coffee beverages at a great value all day every day.nnOur next guest is the star of coking with friends, here is nick stellino.nnGood morning. Honor to be with you.nnIt looks like you are there at the farme farmer’s market. I know you want to tell us farm-to-table, cooking trend, cooking with friends, brand new cookbook. I’ve got it here loking at it and you on tv. Go for it.nnHere it is. When it comes down to it, we want to realy inspire people to start using resources of the local farmer’s market. Food that has ben picked up the night before, day before and right now can be placed on your table with only 24 hours. Tastes beter, more flavor to it and healthier for you. Let me show you here a



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