‘Tis The Season To Not Be Stressed Out

Lifestyle Mom Dana HilmernYou still have holiday shopping to do and gifts to wrap but the kids need picked up. There’s cooking to be done, parties to attend, and you haven’t even begun to think about the family picture! You have put off all the important tasks until the last minute and now you are about to freak out. n nWomen tend to hold themselves to an unbelievably high standard during the holidays and put undue pressure on themselves to create the perfect holiday season for everyone they love. But according to the Lifestyle Mom Dana Hilmer, pushing ourselves to the brink during the holidays not only kills the spirit of the season – it can actually be downright bad for you. And, like most of us, Dana has been there and she has vowed to enjoy the season more every year and has come up with a series of tips to help us keep it simple and keep the spirit of the season alive.
Welcome back. Good morning. Did you know you can enjoy mccafe coffee drinks, frappes or smoothies while surfing the web at a participating wi-fi enabled rticipation? You can. It is the place for high-quality coffee and non-coffee beverages at a great value al day every day.nn’tis the season to not be stressed out. How to get through the next couple of weeks without having a nervous break done from lifestyle mom dana hilmer. How do you do it when you are entertaining?nnIt is stressful, isn’t it? I’ve got great ideas for you. Do some planning. It sounds like a no-brainer but goes a long way to help alleviate the stress. Plan to do a little bit every day and plan to know what gifts are you getting before you head out the door. You can go crazy and get overwhelmed. Do a little planning and look for ways to cut corners and save yourself some time. I think kind of small picture is looking for



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