Good Day Cafe- Country Boy Fast Burger

JD Sutphin puts together a delicious southern burger known as the Country Boy Fast Burger.>> wow! >> and we have some red onion in there and just cooking down and a little bit of balsamic vinegar and frying itself up. and we add the coca?cola and add this and the kicker is we’re dusting it […]

Back To School Lunch

Back to school lunch>> august is kids eat right month, the perfect time to talk to them about what guess in that school lunch. trish is back on the show, nutritious intent.com with all of her great ideas if you want to check that out. i like that you say involve your kids in packing […]

Jordan Landing Deals

Jordan Landing Dealsi fes since the kids are going back to school we can call it fall. >> i am 2k3w4r5d to be joined by jaimy from jordan landing talking about the incredible things you can go to jordan landing to do to celebrate the beginning of fall. where should we start, maybe with some […]

Nearly Famous Deli – 8/21/17

Nearly Famous Deli – 8/21/17? >> hey, welcome back to the show. giggling from nearly famous. >> she knows how to have fun. >> how are you doing? >> i’m good. >> do you notice everybody has to pick this up to see if it works. everybody does that. >> yes, it’s like a lobster. […]

Hy-Vee’s Chef Steve – 8/21/17

Hy-Vee’s Chef Steve – 8/21/17? >> okay, guess who i am holding? this is a hatched chile and i did not realize this is the season for hatched chile. what is a hatched chile? >> that’s right it’s hatched chile season. they come in season in new mexico and we get them in. roast them […]

Papa Murphy’s – 8/21/17

Papa Murphy’s – 8/21/17>> welcome back to “ozarks live.” we are here with matt straus from papa murphy’s. >> are you a papa? >> i just had a daughter. it goes so fast. >> was her first word pizza? >> no, maybe the third word. >> we know how this works. we order a pizza. […]

90 Seconds In The Kitchen – 8/21/17

90 Seconds in the Kitchen – 8/21/17>> hi, i’m chef sherry with the food channel. when you have an abundance of vegetables in your garden, try this cool and refreshing soup. let’s make some. gzpacho. cucumbers, tomatoes, red onions. start doing a rough chop of the vegetables. one by one using a food processer, pulse […]

Roasted Sweet Potatoes

Kristina Adams with Sarah Bush Lincoln shares a light potato recipe.

TNF: Cheddar’s Scratch Kitchen

Cheddar’s Scratch Kitchen>> here to talk about some delis summer dishes that you can graby time. this august, this september. >> absolutely. >> we have two dishes for us hee today. >> look amazing. >> they really are. . >> our grilled talapia with mano salsa. >> what you have here? our brand new sweet […]

8-21 Tomatoes Toscano

Scott & Kath Sheedy cooking Tomatoes Toscano.that sounds good >> welcome back. we’re in the kitchen now. welcome to you both. long-time no see. we were at the restaurant. we stopped by for on the road. scott pickerel and i were there. the phoenix is fantastic. you cooked up some tasty treats for us. >> […]

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