12-7 Hot Chocolate With Red Wine

Dawn and KC make Hot Chocolate with Red Wine.? ? ? no more little elves on the shelf. >> it will be an ear worm. it will be in high head. not just one but two little elves not on the shelf either by in the kitchen. >> we are making mauled wine hot cocoa. […]

Hit The Trail For Some Peach Cobbler!

Hit the Trail for Some Peach Cobbler!stick around. fireworks you’re making it home for christmas, hopefully a big pot of cobbler is waiting for you. our friend roy joins us in the kitchen. if you know him, you know him for his barbecue. shiner barbecue sauce, all that good stuff. but you brought some company […]

Doc’s Wine, Spirits, & More – Stephanie Brown

Get the perfect gift for adults (21+) this holiday season at Doc’s! http://docsmemphis.com>> local memphis live continues with your host, amy speropoulos. >>amy: with the holidays here everyone is looking for ways to throw that unique party friends and family. with our guest have the perfect idea. you may just end up being the envy […]

12-7 Cooking With Lauren K: White Chocolate Coconut Biscotti

Lauren K cooks White Chocolate Coconut Biscotti.it’s time to get cooking with lauren k. she’s is a regular contributor to our show and the author of the cookbook cooking with lauren k. lauren, welcome back. >> thanks for having me here. i love it. i love the holidays. you have a cookbook sell coming up. […]

Midday Kentucky – Wild Thyme – Sunflower Butter Nut

Midday Kentucky – Wild Thyme – Sunflower Butter Nutkentucky everyone. of course, you can see, our resident chef is in the house. allison, how are you, my friend? allison: i’m lovely. how are you? troy: good. now we were talking about, … off camera, earlier on in the week, i said to you, “come up […]

Christmas Cookies From Festival Foods

Christmas Cookies from Festival Foodsmarquette mountain ski package could register at wearegreenbay.com. >>> you will be a winner with your holiday guests if you serve up cookies like these. lauren is with us from festival and a special guest, cookie decorating expert laura mullins. we are going to do some decorating, but first tell us […]

Beef And Pasta Meal

Eric Gardner shares a 4-ingredient recipe for one of those quick weeknight suppers.eg>> . eg>> . eric gardner cooking beef with eric>> this is the time of year when you’re running around the house, getting ready for christmas and such, with little time for cooking until the big holiday. so a perfect quick meal for […]

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