KFC Colonel Sanders Versus Popeye

Jennifer prefers Popeye chickenand darrell hammond.

Soda Linked To Dementia And Strokes

Drinking sugary beverages ..isn’t just bad for your waistlinethere’s more evidence that frequently drinking sugary beverages ..isn’t just bad for your waistline …but could be bad for your brain…the latest data from framingham heart study in massachusetts suggests drinking a lot of sodas, especially diet sodas, or sugary fruit juices could be affecting the way […]

Friends Create Series To Promote Healthy, Accessible Eating

Friends create series to promote healthy, accessible eating

Rock’N Ribs – Live – 4/21/17

Rock’N Ribs – Live – 4/21/17[?] >> tom: okay. i am at the fair grounds. they’re getting ready for rock n’ ribs here! and you know, there’s one thing everybody likes to do, and that’s they like to eat at rock n’ ribs. well, i’m talking to jason here with the delong team. not only […]

Up Your Gut Game!

Up Your Gut Game!that’s coming up after this. ? i’ll bet you i’m going to be a big star ? >> jackie: welcome back the “studio 4. we are in the kitchen talking about some of the great assets that you need in your gut for your gut health with jordan. so jordan, thanks for […]

T&F Pei Wei

Pei Wei has a new poke bowl.>>> we are making a surprisey polynesian poke ball. it’s not pokey. it’s pronouned p-o-k-a-y ball. it’s for a limited time. >>> through july 11. >>> tell me what goes into it. >>> we have our spicey tuna mix. and we have this in our sushi. we including fresh […]

Laura’s Lean Beef – All-American Burger 4-21

Laura’s Lean Beef – All-American Burger 4-21laura’s lean beef for the show c1 3 lara’s lean beef and our guest chef today. brian, how are you my friend? brian: doing good. how are you? host: welcome to the show. brian: thank you. host: ever met an aussie before? brian: multiple time, yes. host: oh, darn. […]

Chick-Fil-A Dalton Locations

Kelsey Hammon from Dalton Chick-Fil-A shows Let’s Chatt about how they can meet all of your catering needs.and before nixon and 4 more online to paris theater will sometimes bring the many national event and get-togethers and to wake and meet all of your katie and catering me help him in the dalton authentication join […]

Good Day Cafe- Catherine’s Egg Biscuits

Mary Rapoport with the Virginia Egg Council shows us how to make egg biscuits.>> anchor: welcome into the good day cafe. mary rappaport from the virginia council is with us. did you look at her apron? the white house egg roll! how was it? >> it was fabulous. just fabulous. really lots of fun. >> […]

Harmons 2

Harmons 2 food>> brian: samaras earth day serious celebrate with earth friendly with harmon’s. thank you for being here laura. >> thanks for having me. at l 5 o’clock hour to save on food waste. now we have an earth friendly recipe. >> yes. in addition to many planning you can choose smart foods.so this […]

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