Good Day Cafe – Frankenstein Cookies

Butter, Sugar, vanilla, and a touch of green. Don’t forget the almonds to make fingernails! Also, some advice on getting your ingredients ready for baking.>>> thanks for sticking with us. >> it’s halloween. >> i know. we were doing the count down. >> so this is a fun thing. >> i figured this weekend maybe […]

Wine Barrels Add Taste To Craft Beers

Tequila barrels are also used for some varieties.month. >> the result is a strong back ale with red wine drinkers who like a rich fray sror. for those who like a lighter rich areer style of b there’s always something new coming up. we just sat down and planning out some of our beers for […]

Good Day Cafe – Mary Rappaport’s Halloween Treats

Casper ghost cookieswere making some fantastic halloween treats. nap is all around the corner. every place you go into has halloween stuff all over the place it is the perfect weekend oh to do the kids and do some fun things. in here we have three egg what it’s that we will as soon as […]

Chef Chad Laurdie Is In The Kitchen!

Chef Chad Laurdie is in the Kitchen!a hamburger. >> ladies and gentlemen, welcome into the kitchen. chad lawyerdy from embers in with us today. best of both worlds. we’ll be introducing you the a new salad and a brand-new burger. anyone who knows me, i’m a cheeseburger connoisseur. i absolutely love it. but you have […]

Fall Meal Planning Tips!

Fall Meal Planning Tips!all of the flavors of fall. >> meaghan: when we think of fall, we think of flavorful meals, sides and desserts, but as temperatures drop and the holiday approaches, we have little time the think about preparing dinner. cooking expert and tv personality ceci carmichael has some ways to add some variety […]

Halloween Inspired Recipes With Homicidal Homemaker

Kaci Hansen aka the Homicidal Homemaker shows us ho to make some zombie inspired finger foods.jessica time for some halloween cooking… earlier in the show… kaci hansen… a-k-a the homicidal homemaker showed us how to make her “brain macaroni salad”. kaci, what are we making this time?

Spooky Spider Treat

spooky spider treat>> . >> welcome back to good things utah. we have our chili cookoff winner in the kitchen today, anna maria, made the carne a sadza chili yesterday, everyone said it was hands down o so amazing. >> condition bratlations. we’ll do your prize in a little bit, but first she had an […]

Festival Foods: Baked Pears

Festival Foods: Baked Pearshalloween movie. >>> welcome back to local 5 live. pairs are great food. >> i’m emily and this is lauren and we are two of festivals dietitians experts. >> we are making baked pears which taste delicious and smelled delicious. >> pears are one of my favorite fall foods. >> they actually […]

Tailgate – Coyote’s Nixa Grille – 10/20/16

Tailgate – Coyote’s Nixa Grille – 10/20/16>> tom: all right. welcome back to the hy-vee kolr10 thursday night tailgate party. i am in nixa at coyote’s nixa grille. and i’ve got mark robinson with me. thanks for having us by. >> guest: thank you very much. >> tom: for folks who have never been to […]

Apple Cider Pancakes

Apple Cider Pancakeskraig with windy wine company joins us this morning with his recipe for apple cider pancakes…<<2 cups a.p. flour3 tablespoons melted butter3 eggs, beaten3 teaspoons baking powder1 pinch of salt2 cups, plus extra, fresh apple cideroptional: 1/2 cups, crushed, freeze dried apples.in a large bowl, combine eggs and butter until smoothin another bowl, […]

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