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Borscht is a soup of Ukrainian origins that is popular in many Eastern and Central European countries. In most of these countries, it is made with beetroot as the main ingredient, giving it a deep reddish-purple color. In some countries tomato may occur as the main ingredient, while beetroot acts as a secondary ingredient. Other, non-beet varieties also exist, such as the tomato paste-based orange borscht and the green borscht.

Borscht Photos

  • Veselka Coffee Shop
  • Ukrainian Borscht
  • Ciorba de iepure
  • Traditional Christmas red borscht with dumplings
  • Purple soup!
  • IMG_4421
  • Barszcz czerwony z uszkami, Zamość
  • borscht
  • DSC_0104web_r
  • Bowl with russian soup "borsch".

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