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Torta is a Mexican sandwich, served on an oblong 6-8 inch firm, crusty white sandwich roll, called a bolillo, telera or birote. “Telera” is soft, round bread; also commonly used is the Bolillo, a torpedo-shaped French roll with a thick and crunchy crust. Tortas can be served hot or cold. Common ingredients may include, but are not limited to Al pastor (marinated pork), Alambre (steak, bacon, onion, pepper and cheese), Carne asada (marinated steak), Carne deshebrada: (shredded beef) and Carnitas: (fried tender pork). Garnishes such as avocado, sour cream, lettuce, jalapeƱo, tomato, and cheese feature in various incarnations of the sandwich. The dish is popular throughout Mexico, and is also available anywhere with a large number of Mexican immigrants.

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