Chinese Chicken Salad
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Chinese Chicken Salad

Chinese chicken salad, as its name suggests, is a salad with chicken flavoured by Chinese seasonings, popular in the United States. The Chinese influence comes from common Chinese-themed ingredients. Though many variations exist, common features of most salads described as “Chinese chicken” contain lettuce, chicken, use of ginger and sesame oil in the dressing, and crispy pieces of deep-fried noodles. Other recipes may contain a combination of Water chestnuts, bamboo shoots, peanuts, almonds and mandarin orange slices. The Chinese chicken salad may have originated from Pan-Asian cuisine pioneers, such as Wolfgang Puck, rather than having actual roots in Chinese cuisine, as salad is a dish of Western origins. However, many “non-Western” world cultures also have salads of various sorts as part of their traditional cuisines. The pleasing combination of ingredients have given Chinese chicken salad widespread popularity, thus establishing it on many restaurant menus, including the fast food establishment Wendy’s and the exclusive Spago.

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