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Cannelloni are rectangular pasta sheets that are rolled into a cylindrical shape encompassing a filling. After a pasta sheet has been boiled, it is typically filled with a savory stuffing which may include ricotta cheese, spinach, and various meats. It is then covered with a sauce, typically a classic tomato or béchamel sauce. Cannelloni is often erroneously referred to as manicotti, which is actually a filled Italian dinner crepe, as opposed to pre-rolled pasta. While many Americanized versions believe manicotti and cannelloni are interchangeable, traditional Italian dishes make cannelloni with pasta and manicotti with a specialized crepe pan. Although both terms are plural nouns in Italian, the English term is often construed as singular, particularly when used as the name of the dish.

Cannelloni Photos

  • Nonna's Pasta
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  • Fancy food
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  • Fancy food
  • On the plate - mmmh!
  • Ready to serve
  • Assemble the dish
  • Stuff the cannelloni, make the sauce
  • Prep the stuffing

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