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Yakiniku, meaning “grilled meat,” is a Japanese term which, in its broadest sense, refers to grilled meat dishes. Today, it commonly refers to a Japanese style of cooking bite-sized meat (usually beef and offal) and vegetables on gridirons or griddles over flame of wood charcoals carbonized by dry distillation or gas/electric grill. In North America, China and Taiwan, Yakiniku is also referred to as either “Japanese barbecue” or “Korean barbecue” due to its Korean origins.

Yakiniku Photos

  • Yakuniku Club Ichiban
  • Yakuniku Club Ichiban
  • Yakuniku Club Ichiban
  • Yakiniku
  • Yakiniku YAZAWA
  • kitchen USHIHACHI Kiba 55
  • 牛8黒毛ミートスパ USHIHACHI Kiba 48
  • 冷麺 USHIHACHI Kiba 49
  • crema catalana カタラーナ USHIHACHI Kiba 40
  • サンカクバラ 熟成和牛スジのハヤシ…

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