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Soba is a type of thin Japanese noodle made from buckwheat flour. It is served either chilled with a dipping sauce, or in hot broth as a noodle soup. Moreover, it is common in Japan to refer to any thin noodle as soba in contrast to udon. It takes three months for buckwheat to be ready for harvest, so it can be harvested four times a year, mainly in spring, summer, and autumn. In Japan, buckwheat is produced mainly in Hokkaido. Soba that is made with newly-harvested buckwheat is called “shin-soba”. It is sweeter and more flavorful than regular soba.

Soba Photos

  • cold soba with tamarind sauce
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  • Great lunch at Guangzhou
  • 山芋かけ 豆腐一丁そば
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  • IMGP1852
  • G麵7 京急百貨店限定 こがしネギ豚バ…

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