Carpetbag Steak

Carpetbag Steak

Carpetbag steak is a uniquely Australian dish that was first popularised in Sydney, around 1950. It consists of an end cut of scotch fillet steak, served standing up like a miniature mountain. Pockets in the meat are made by small cuts, into which oysters are stuffed and sutured with toothpicks. As the dish is broiled, the flavour of the fresh oysters permeates the steak and blends with the juice of the tender meat. A strip of bacon may be wrapped around the serving and surrounded by peeled and browned baby potato halves. In the tradition of Sydney’s Byron Bay, the steak is marinaded in a sauce of thyme, pepper, tarragon, lemon, sugar and tamarind and served with a glass of dessert wine. The steak can also be flambed with cognac, when it is called “Carpetbag Maxine style”.

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