I've always wondered how many of the most popular cooking myths got started, and why so many people still think they're true. Do you know the one about keeping avocado from turning brown by using the pit? Searing meat keeps it juicy? Are green potatoes bad for you? True or false, find the answers -- plus post your own myths and I'll answer them!

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As a trained chef, author and health expert, Jennifer Iserloh has created thousands of delicious AND healthy recipes featured on The Today Show, Living Well With Montel, SELF, Prevention, In Style,...


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Shallots and Green Beans

Shallots belong to the family of chives, leeks, garlic and onions. I think they look like tulip bulbs and taste a lot milder than garlic and onions. They lend a gentle onion flavor to vinaigrettes and are a great substitute for raw garlic that can sometimes be hard to digestThe post Shallots and Green Beans appeared first on Skinny Chef.

Posted on Skinny Chef on 2015-11-23 02:10:59
Skinny Chef

Healing Herbs for the Holidays

The holidays should be a time for relaxation as well as reconnecting with friends and family. Make your holiday more cheerful by instituting some healing rituals into your schedule that both sooth and celebrate the season. Take five minutes, or more, a day to treat yourself and your family to these self care activities to lessen stress and more.The post Healing Herbs for the Holidays appeared first on Skinny Chef.

Posted on Skinny Chef on 2015-11-18 14:00:59
Skinny Chef

Fast and Flavorful Side Dishes

I want to start eating more vegetables! That's what many of my friends say - but with hectic works schedules, kids and households to care for, it can be tough to squeeze it all in. Yet getting more veggies onto your dinner table can be effortless when you learn to switch up the flavor profile and keep it fresh. Take these four scrumptious flavorings - garlic, ginger, onion and salsa - that you can mix and match (or find your own...

Posted on Skinny Chef on 2015-11-18 08:21:13
Skinny Chef

Cooking With Jalapeño

Jalapeños, also known as the 'fat chili' (or chili gordo), hails from the Mexican town Jalapa. Jalapeños can range from mild to hot, making them a good 'starter chili' for those who want add more liveliness to their dishes, but are newbies to fiery capsaicin. So find out what to look out for, and select Skinny Chef recipes with Jalapeños.The post Cooking With Jalapeño appeared first on Skinny Chef.

Posted on Skinny Chef on 2015-11-16 11:01:29
Skinny Chef

Get a Good Night?s Sleep to Manage Hunger

You may not know it, but sleep is an important part of every diet. Living a healthy lifestyle doesn?t just mean eating nutritional foods and being active ? it also means getting the rest that you and your body need. The post Get a Good Night?s Sleep to Manage Hunger appeared first on Skinny Chef.

Posted on Skinny Chef on 2015-11-05 10:21:15
Skinny Chef

How to Dress Up Fish

Preparing fish is one of the fastest and easiest healthy proteins to enjoy. Once you learn the easy basics of fish cookery, you'll be ready to taking it up a notch. If you want to take your fish dishes over the top with taste and nutrition, dress them up with other superfoods like fruits, seeds, nuts, and spices. Try these unique ways to celebrate healthy eating and break that boring, plain boring health food rut.The post How to Dress Up Fish...

Posted on Skinny Chef on 2015-10-29 13:11:00
Skinny Chef

Trick or Sweet?

No question about it, Halloween was one of my favorite holidays growing up! I created these 'hazy ginger moons' with that in mind, part cookie, part candy, that are not overly sweet. They're ideal for impromptu trick-or-treaters because these no-bake treats come together quickly.The post Trick or Sweet? appeared first on Skinny Chef.

Posted on Skinny Chef on 2015-10-28 21:01:05
Skinny Chef

Healthy And Tasty Halloween Treats

Halloween is still a fun time of year, for both kids and adults. Here is my skinny, yet spooky line-up of Halloween treats that are tasty but not scary for your waistline. Definitely parent-approved!The post Healthy And Tasty Halloween Treats appeared first on Skinny Chef.

Posted on Skinny Chef on 2015-10-24 12:30:58
Skinny Chef

Recipe Combining

I have my go-to recipes, especially when it comes to desserts - but I also like to mix up my routine with plenty of variety. That?s one thing I really admired about my Granny?s cooking growing up - she never confined herself to the same, limited list of recipes! Need help perfecting your own recipe combos? Just write in and I'll email you my take on your dish.The post Recipe Combining appeared first on Skinny Chef.

Posted on Skinny Chef on 2015-10-11 13:50:36
Skinny Chef

Tips for Busy Moms

It's pretty common knowledge these days that being a full-time mommy is one of the most demanding jobs out there. That's why I've compiled some Skinny Chef tips for busy moms on the go-go-go and organized them into five sensible categories...The post Tips for Busy Moms appeared first on Skinny Chef.

Posted on Skinny Chef on 2015-10-05 19:11:00

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