Fish Tournedos with Spring Vegetables

Still doing this month’s issue of Saveur, I decided to attempt a fiddly recipe of fish tournedos with spring vegetables.  If you can’t be bothered, I understand, just look at the pictures and imagine the taste I used a hake … Continue reading →

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Cooking in Sens

Cooking in Sens

An eclectic collection of recipes, new and traditional, showcasing the products found in the Burgundy region of France.


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Cooking in Sens

Braised Cornish Game Hen

Yesterday my husband brought some Cornish game hens home from the commissary. Oops!  Couldn’t be bothered.  I quartered a Cornish game hen, browned it and braised it with cabbage, because I had cabbage.  It was surprisingly good for so little … Continue reading →

Posted on Cooking in Sens on 2013-09-13 03:01:02
Cooking in Sens

?Demonic Tots?

Yesterday my husband asked for a dinner with the “spinach” burgers I used to make in Senegal.  After searching most of the day, I finally found the recipe card in my Fanny Farmer cookbook that is miraculously here in Stuttgart. … Continue reading →

Posted on Cooking in Sens on 2013-09-12 08:31:12
Cooking in Sens


Mope or blog?  No contest.  I tried moping for a while; wearing drab clothing, washing dishes that could have gone into the dishwasher, nearly forgetting our 37th wedding anniversary, reading Jane Austen for the nth time, cooking and eating mechanically.  I … Continue reading →

Posted on Cooking in Sens on 2013-09-11 08:10:55
Cooking in Sens

Dads Lunch

Reblogged from mydadslunch: There is something about this that reminds me of a felt banner that used to hang in our church when I young...... Peace on Earth and Goodwill to (Bologna) Men. I love this blog! Be sure to … Continue reading →

Posted on Cooking in Sens on 2013-09-10 03:30:39
Cooking in Sens

Too Old to Travel

Doctor:  Mrs. Mullally, what do you think caused your husband’s stroke? Me:  He was experiencing great difficulty in opening a bag of cookies sealed with a ribbon. Doctor:  And your simultaneous stroke? Me:  I was watching him do it.

Posted on Cooking in Sens on 2013-09-08 06:41:05
Cooking in Sens

Automatic Focus

There are lots of settings on my Canon Rebel t3i that I’ve never needed, like av, tv and automatic focus, among others.  I keep the setting on manual focus plus that M on the dial, my ISO at 100, permanently … Continue reading →

Posted on Cooking in Sens on 2013-09-08 03:11:10
Cooking in Sens

Barbecued Lamb Shoulder

I’m back in Stuttgart and on Thursday we attended a Wine Fest in Stuttgart Center; thousands of people, really big food and uncorked wine.   This single serving of dessert was astounding!  It tasted like a big donut with creme … Continue reading →

Posted on Cooking in Sens on 2013-09-07 11:30:53
Cooking in Sens

Le Weekend: Chez Parret and Provins, France

Saturday My husband came rolling in from Stuttgart at 12:30 p.m. on Saturday, just in time for lunch with Le Parret, Antonio and Chantal.  He had said that he wanted mussels, so I made a rich creme fraiche and roquefort … Continue reading →

Posted on Cooking in Sens on 2013-09-02 05:41:03
Cooking in Sens

Paris Express

Jade had to go into Paris for educational testing.   Our usual excitement was missing because we knew that this would be work, not play  Our philosophy has been that if you’re going to Paris, your time is your own … Continue reading →

Posted on Cooking in Sens on 2013-08-30 08:00:55
Cooking in Sens

Chez Le Poissonnier

Yesterday my fishmonger posted promotions on his just in seafood on Facebook; Red Label bouchot mussels and live or cooked Brittany lobsters.  I was the first in line this morning. Really.  Of course I took the cooked lobsters because the … Continue reading →

Posted on Cooking in Sens on 2013-08-28 14:31:45

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