Fish Tournedos with Spring Vegetables

Still doing this month’s issue of Saveur, I decided to attempt a fiddly recipe of fish tournedos with spring vegetables.  If you can’t be bothered, I understand, just look at the pictures and imagine the taste I used a hake … Continue reading →

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Cooking in Sens

Cooking in Sens

An eclectic collection of recipes, new and traditional, showcasing the products found in the Burgundy region of France.


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Cooking in Sens

Cod Poached in Vegetable Broth

Feeling weak and unhealthy from Omega-3 fatty acid, riboflavin and vitamin D deficiency, I finally bit the bullet and bought some frozen cod fish.  It looked okay.  Just.  It has been a difficult winter for Jade and I because we love fish … Continue reading →

Posted on Cooking in Sens on 2015-03-26 16:50:46
Cooking in Sens

Steak, Potatoes and Asparagus

It has just occurred to me why many of our vegetables are not correctly labeled; green squash for zucchini, green apple for Granny Smith, red pear for Anjou and the potential disaster, yellow squash for spaghetti squash. You see, we … Continue reading →

Posted on Cooking in Sens on 2015-03-23 13:01:18
Cooking in Sens

Chard and Cabbage Stir Fry

I’ve found a new supermarket in Hawley (about 10 miles away) that was recommended by the refrigerator guy in Home Depot after we rubbed our little hurts together about the paucity of quality produce in our region.  The supermarket is … Continue reading →

Posted on Cooking in Sens on 2015-03-19 13:31:42
Cooking in Sens


An interesting thing about the traditional American St. Patrick’s Day meal of corned beef and cabbage is that corned beef is not a traditional Irish food at all.  When they could get it the Irish ate bacon with their cabbage, beef … Continue reading →

Posted on Cooking in Sens on 2015-03-16 00:01:36
Cooking in Sens

Teriyaki Glazed Roasted Country Pork Ribs

I guess you never really know your spouse until you get to see them every day, all day when you are retired.  It’s not like I didn’t know my husband, I knew he would have to be busy or we’d … Continue reading →

Posted on Cooking in Sens on 2015-03-12 16:10:57
Cooking in Sens

Breakfast Thoughts

Sometimes, not often, I receive comments on my blog posts that seem irrelevant or mean spirited.  Occasionally they’re funny but probably only to me :), so I trash them or if the comment is obviously from a looney tune, I block … Continue reading →

Posted on Cooking in Sens on 2015-03-10 12:21:41
Cooking in Sens

Butter Roasted Chicken Elbows with Spinach

What I really wanted today was “baby beef” liver or boudin noir or veal sweetbreads or lamb kidneys, of which I had none.  Les abats or offal are tricky things and I’m “offaly” selective when it comes to freshness and source. … Continue reading →

Posted on Cooking in Sens on 2015-03-09 20:21:36
Cooking in Sens

Cheesy Cube Steak with Egg

Posted on Cooking in Sens on 2015-03-08 14:41:22
Cooking in Sens

The Bogeyman

The Irish food board, Bord Bia, is an organization that I follow on Facebook because of their fabulous recipes using homegrown Irish ingredients.  I have duplicated many of their recipes and they have always been good, a la Conor Bofin. … Continue reading →

Posted on Cooking in Sens on 2015-03-06 21:01:01
Cooking in Sens

Crunchy Roasted Cauliflower

Everybody is roasting cauliflower these days, so my recipe is probably not unique.  I just wanted to show off my $5.00 Macy’s plate :D  I ate this as a snack. Crunchy Roasted Cauliflower with Garlic 1 1/2 cup cauliflower florets 1 … Continue reading →

Posted on Cooking in Sens on 2015-03-04 12:11:18

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