Lumpiang Hubad

Well Jade’s back from her class trip to London and I’m back to blogging.  I really didn’t feel like food blogging meals for one, so I took the opportunity to find my voice for the cookbook I’m writing.  Mission accomplished! … Continue reading →

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Cooking in Sens

Cooking in Sens

An eclectic collection of recipes, new and traditional, showcasing the products found in the Burgundy region of France.


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Cooking in Sens

Udon Soup with Seaweed

I had some vaguely hopeful news this morning and decided to celebrate with a quick udon noodle soup.  I had some frozen noodles blocks in the freezer, scallions, seaweed salad and an udon noodle Hon Tsuyu soup base.  Perfect. Udon … Continue reading →

Posted on Cooking in Sens on 2016-10-24 13:20:31
Cooking in Sens

Les Boites

I made a very easy kale and veal meatball soup today.  It was easy because I used “les boites” or cans, prepared veal meatballs and kale in a bag.  Sometimes I lack drive?  The meatballs, while expensive, are of excellent … Continue reading →

Posted on Cooking in Sens on 2016-10-20 14:30:31
Cooking in Sens

Real Canadian Bacon I

For over 30 years in countries, including France, I have brine cured pork to transform it into American style ham.  I like other hams; Bayonne, Serrano, Jambon d’Aoste, but my favorite ham remains that cured and smoked/unsmoked in the United … Continue reading →

Posted on Cooking in Sens on 2016-10-19 14:10:37
Cooking in Sens

Green Tomato Curry

My neighbor Caroline asked me last night if I was interested in some green tomatoes from her father’s garden.  Of course I was!  Dreaming of fried green tomatoes.  She told me that she would drop them off this morning and say … Continue reading →

Posted on Cooking in Sens on 2016-10-18 16:20:41
Cooking in Sens

Spicy Aubergine with Chicken and Spinach

Hot diggity!  This was really the best spicy aubergine I’ve made!  The “hot diggity” is an expression I learned from my mother; country Texas backwoods  but not deplorable? Anyway, I don’t know if it was the superior quality of the Japanese … Continue reading →

Posted on Cooking in Sens on 2016-10-16 15:40:42
Cooking in Sens

Pan Roasted Cumin Butter Corn on the Cob

When I was growing up, corn on the cob was always a big hit in our family for both adults and children.  Roasted ears, slathered with butter was a treat that rivaled cake.  Maybe only for me? I’ve been looking at … Continue reading →

Posted on Cooking in Sens on 2016-10-12 16:40:47
Cooking in Sens

The Devil?s Workshop

I just read that card playing “is used by Satan to seduce people into other activities.” Prostitution?  Drugs?  Grabbing intimate body parts? I guess I’m on the road to Hell today because I’m going to play cards with a group of … Continue reading →

Posted on Cooking in Sens on 2016-10-11 12:40:49
Cooking in Sens

Honey Mustard Chicken with Asparagus

Usually when I do a honey mustard flavored meat/fish dish, I use the mixture as a marinade before grilling or oven roasting.  This time I had some young asparagus and wondered if I could substitute a honey mustard sauce drizzled on top, … Continue reading →

Posted on Cooking in Sens on 2016-10-09 16:10:26
Cooking in Sens

Tuna Helper

I remember when Hamburger Helper first hit the shelves in the supermarkets.  My mom thought it was a cool idea; easy for her and filling.  She also thought Tuna Helper was pretty good because she regularly made tuna casseroles.  After … Continue reading →

Posted on Cooking in Sens on 2016-10-05 17:20:39
Cooking in Sens

Rognons d?Agneau aux Champignons

I’ve found a trusted source for lamb kidneys!  My friend Laura McPherson recommended White Oak Pastures, a family owned farm with an online store, for a boneless pork loin roast I wanted for Thanksgiving.  While browsing the store’s products, I … Continue reading →

Posted on Cooking in Sens on 2016-09-30 13:00:40

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