This certainly isn't the best milk chocolate they've produced, but I still enjoyed the sharp flavours. The lemon and sea salt did work well together and make the inherent chocolate flavour stand out more. I'd love to try a 50% version of this bar to see what the salt could do with the darker tones.You may also like:Thorntons Bakewell TartWilliam Curley Sea Salt Caramel BarThorntons Offers a Full Range of Valentine’s Chocolates

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Montecristi Chocolate

Manabi is responsible for some pretty fine good cacao and some very good chocolate has been produced from it, not least from Pacari and to a lesser degree Republica del Cacao so when Susana, who I’ve known quite a while let me know about her new venture making chocolate from cacao from her home region […]No related posts.

Posted on Chocolate Reviews on 2014-10-21 08:30:41
Chocolate Reviews

Hotel Chocolat Supermilk 65%

For my sins I often reach in my chocolate stash of half eaten review bars my heart will sink when I pick out a milk bar. My natural point of chocolate equilibrium is usually achieved with a dark chocolate with rolling flavours – typically a Friis Holm. But just I’m partial to the odd bit […]You may also like:Hotel Chocolat Pichanaki 75%Hotel Chocolat Summer FusionsHotel Chocolat Old Fossil

Posted on Chocolate Reviews on 2014-10-01 16:50:46
Chocolate Reviews

Demarquette African Queen

Of any chocolatier that I regularly feature here that I actually think ‘sod the photography’ whenever I set up a review it has to be Demarquette. They just look so astonishingly gorgeous that the dullness of setting up the camera, thinking about lighting and all the rest of the nonsense that comes to with doing […]You may also like:Limited Edition Demarquette Grandiflorum Truffle LogsDemarquette Festive CaramelsDemarquette...

Posted on Chocolate Reviews on 2014-08-20 11:30:47
Chocolate Reviews

The Chocolatier New Zealand Bean To Bar Chocolate

It could be said that if you wanted to see who is new in the world of ‘bean to bar’ chocolate that you should just keep an eye on Kickstarter. It’s great that there’s a new worldwide passion for authentic chocolate, and there is a certain amount of intrigue in seeing how people start to commercialise […]You may also like:Rogue Chocolatier Hispaniola 70%Charles Chocolatier 70% TabletteThornton’s Continental...

Posted on Chocolate Reviews on 2014-08-14 13:00:40
Chocolate Reviews

Original Beans Cru Virunga 70%

The manifestation of Original Bean’s ethical stance is beyond reproach.  The difficulties they wilfully encounter such as military hostility in the Democratic Republic of Congo, environmental conservation, the desire to preserve ‘heirloom cacao’, farmer welfare … If there was a maker that typified not taking the people and the product for granted, it has to […]No related posts.

Posted on Chocolate Reviews on 2014-08-09 12:11:16
Chocolate Reviews

Kiskadee La Red 85%

This bar has been in my collection for just two months, but it seems a lifetime as I’ve spending more time managing my chocolate retail business than actually reviewing chocolate. Righting that wrong now I explore this lovely chocolate from a new chocolate maker out of Texas, USA: Kiskadee Chocolates. Laura Atlas is the lady behind […]No related posts.

Posted on Chocolate Reviews on 2014-07-07 16:30:21
Chocolate Reviews

Duffy?s 83% Corazon del Ecuador

I’m currently a walking disaster zone. As I’ve taken a week off work to be an ex-politician (spend more time with my family) I find myself scrambling to get work done. I needed a break and with the knowledge that I’m going to be getting a whole heap of chocolate soon from Duffy I thought […]You may also like:Chapon Ecuador 75%Pump Street Bakery Ecuador Dark Milk

Posted on Chocolate Reviews on 2014-06-10 12:30:18
Chocolate Reviews

Pump Street Bakery 58% Madagascar

Tragedy has struck. I have some magical shrinking chocolate. I first opened this new dark milk from The Pump Street Bakery a week ago. In the intervening, stress-filled week, I have managed to consume all but six remaining squares. I know that each of the other twenty-or-so others helped immensely with whatever tribulation I was […]You may also like:Pump Street Bakery Ecuador Dark MilkPump Street Bakery Patanemo 75%Quality Street My Purple...

Posted on Chocolate Reviews on 2014-05-18 15:10:21
Chocolate Reviews

Chocolate Society Blond With Sea Salt

When the Valrhona Blonde first came to the market I was sceptical. My long-held prejudice against white chocolate didn’t last long, however, as those 15 minutes I spent alone with it completely changed my perception of the medium. But now I have Al’s interpretation which has been diligently adulterated with Helen Mon, Angelsey sea salt. […]You may also like:Divine Milk Chocolate With Toffee & Sea SaltChococo Sea-Salt...

Posted on Chocolate Reviews on 2014-04-05 12:00:12
Chocolate Reviews

Paul A. Young Whole Bean to Bar Chocolate

The juxtaposition between the salubrious lives of those that purchase fine chocolate from the likes of Paul A. Young and the mere existence of those that are at the genesis of a bar?s life is as troubling as it is stark. But within it exists a paradox that just has to change. Plaudits are given to chocolatiers […]No related posts.

Posted on Chocolate Reviews on 2014-03-29 18:30:59

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