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Madagascar 70% Chilli Chocolate

The South Devon Chilli Farm hold a place very dear in my heart. My second culinary passion are chilies. Seemingly I’ll eat about three a week. I’d put them in sandwiches, pasta and have them ground with salt to spice up many other meals. But what does annoy me about is that when people combine […]You may also like:South Devon Chilli Farm Hot ChocolateChilli Chocolate Crunchy CakeSouth Devon Honeycomb Chilli Chocolate

Posted on Chocolate Reviews on 2015-04-12 13:30:36
Chocolate Reviews

Cocoa Boutique Easter Collection

The one thing missing from my life is a box of filled chocolates dropping through my door every week month – and I’m serious about that. Today I reached into my seemingly bottomless supply of fine chocolate bars hoping for something flavoursome to jolt me out of my working malaise and I found yet another […]You may also like:Chocally Autumnal CollectionFairy Tale Gourmet The Snow White Collection

Posted on Chocolate Reviews on 2015-04-08 15:10:27
Chocolate Reviews

Hotel Chocolat Rabot Extra Thick Egg

I’m sure many in the chocolate industry would have no problems applauding Hotel Chocolat for bringing much better chocolate to the masses after generations of absolute rubbish. The sad thing is that Easter has always been emblematic of the chocolate that I try and avoid. So much so that at a child I’d instruct my […]You may also like:Hotel Chocolat Dark Chocolate Canapés with Cocoa NibsHotel Chocolat Old FossilHotel Chocolat...

Posted on Chocolate Reviews on 2015-03-26 16:50:42
Chocolate Reviews

Favarger New Flavoured Bars

Chocolate doesn’t have to be single origin to float my boat. Chocolate which pushes any of my numerous buttons can come in many different guises. Today the dapper Johnathon Tailyour who represents Favarger dropped by these three new bars: a Cassis, a Honey and almond and an Apricot – which I’ve already unwrapped and devoured […]You may also like:Sciolti Botanical Chocolate Bars

Posted on Chocolate Reviews on 2015-02-26 15:00:59
Chocolate Reviews

Caribeans en Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica

A couple of years ago I tried to buy some chocolate from Caribeans but they seemed to get lost in the post. But now having found the Chocolate Craft website in Costa Rica which offers chocolate from a variety of local growers and makers I thought I’d give them another go – along with some […]No related posts.

Posted on Chocolate Reviews on 2015-02-16 10:20:37
Chocolate Reviews

Sir Hans Sloane Hot Chocolate Heart

I’m so lastminute.chocolate. I’ve not got anything for my wife for Valentines. The thought did cross my mind, however, when I saw that this chocolate heart full of hot chocolate has the initial ‘L’ on it. Obviously that is a gesture designed by the guys at Sir Hans Sloane to indicate that these hearts can […]No related posts.

Posted on Chocolate Reviews on 2015-02-11 16:30:44
Chocolate Reviews

Booja Booja Chilled Chocolate Truffles

We all remember our first kiss. When we reminisce we seem to do so with rose-tinted glasses. When I first started reviewing chocolate all those years ago Booja Booja truffles were one of the first non-mass-market chocolates I ever blogged about. I absolutely adored them.  In my formative reviewing years I experienced various other forms […]You may also like:Thorntons Truffles Heart Little GiftsMy Chocolate Bar Lemon TrufflesGinger...

Posted on Chocolate Reviews on 2014-12-29 16:20:59
Chocolate Reviews

Thé de cacao & citron

Not only does Ara Chocolat produce some lovely chocolate but they’re also lovely people too. At The Chocolate Festival I finally got to talk to them face-to-face after stocking many of their wares and during that conversation I saw they had some chocolate tea and with the thought of how well Duffy’s tea does I thought I’d […]You may also like:Forever Cacao 80% Raw Dark ChocolateBouga Cacao Physalis 77%Comptoir du Cacao...

Posted on Chocolate Reviews on 2014-12-27 08:40:50
Chocolate Reviews

Montecristi Chocolate

Manabi is responsible for some pretty fine good cacao and some very good chocolate has been produced from it, not least from Pacari and to a lesser degree Republica del Cacao so when Susana, who I’ve known quite a while let me know about her new venture making chocolate from cacao from her home region […]No related posts.

Posted on Chocolate Reviews on 2014-12-03 10:21:03
Chocolate Reviews

Hotel Chocolat Supermilk 65%

For my sins I often reach in my chocolate stash of half eaten review bars my heart will sink when I pick out a milk bar. My natural point of chocolate equilibrium is usually achieved with a dark chocolate with rolling flavours – typically a Friis Holm. But just I’m partial to the odd bit […]You may also like:Hotel Chocolat Pichanaki 75%Hotel Chocolat Summer FusionsHotel Chocolat Old Fossil

Posted on Chocolate Reviews on 2014-12-03 10:21:03

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