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Fudge Kitchen Gourmet Butter Fudge

If you're looking for something completely over-the-top sweet but very enjoyable then you really have to try these butter fudge squares from Fudge Kitchen. I wouldn't try eating more than one at a time though!You may also like:Fudge Kitchen Boozy Fruit & Nut FudgeRum and Raisin Flavour Fudge From The Fudge KitchenFudge Kitchen – Bath Adverts:

Posted on Chocolate Reviews on 2011-08-14 12:20:07
Chocolate Reviews

Vintage Collection Boite Blanche

This is a text book example of why you should never judge a chocolate buy its cover. The flavours were intense and sweet but actually incredibly enjoyable.You may also like:Neuhaus Lady Chefs Praline & Ganache CollectionArtisan du Chocolat Couture CollectionHotel Chocolat Vintage Milk Chocolate Buttons Adverts:

Posted on Chocolate Reviews on 2011-08-14 12:20:07
Chocolate Reviews

Thorntons Cloudly Lemonade White Chocolate

When one things of white chocolate I'm sure many would think of an intense sugar and vanilla flavour. But with this bar that combination of flavours is kept to a minimum. Instead there is a fresh earthiness to it which was very pleasant. You may also like:Thorntons Chocolate LiqueurThorntons Mint Dark Chocolate BarThorntons Coconut & Lime White Chocolate Bar Adverts:

Posted on Chocolate Reviews on 2011-08-14 12:20:07
Chocolate Reviews

Rum & Blackcurrant, Dark Chocolate & Ginger And Limoncello Truffles

If you're having a dinner party or a summer garden party then you really need to try the chocolate truffles made by Pauline and Mark from Andover. I've been a big fan of their's for a long while and always interested to hear what they're concocting next. I'm sure you'll love these truffles if you either like alcoholic truffles or fruity flavours.You may also like:Zotter Ginger Dark Chocolate BarAlcohol Free TrufflesDark Chocolate Ginger Sticks...

Posted on Chocolate Reviews on 2011-08-05 13:30:58
Chocolate Reviews

Naked Cocoa Orange Premium Fruit & Nut Bar

When it comes to raw chocolate then there's an increasing choice on the internet, but not so much in the high street. At last a company is pushing back the boundaries and making it more accessable.You may also like:J.D. Gross Premium Cocoa Dark ChocolateThorntons White Chocolate Fruit BarsHotel Chocolat Peel Me An Orange 74% Dark Chocolate Adverts:

Posted on Chocolate Reviews on 2011-08-02 13:41:02
Chocolate Reviews

Giant Mississippi Mud Pie from Hotel Chocolat

There’s just something fantastic about Mississippi Mud Pie. Whenever I have them I seem to slip into a sugar-induced haze. And its this total sense of over-indulgence that I just adore. And to find out that Hotel Chocolat have a giant slab version is just too good to be true. I know some might scoff [...]You may also like:Hotel Chocolat Eton Mess Giant SlabHotel ChocolatTutti Frutti Giant Slab Adverts:

Posted on Chocolate Reviews on 2011-07-30 09:40:56
Chocolate Reviews

Valrhona Guanaja 70% Grand Crus

This Grands Crus from Valrhona using single origin Guanaja cacao of the Trinitario Criollo varieties promised much but didn't actually deliver much. There was hardly any flavour to speak of a complete lack of drama. Valrhona built their name on the back of excellent chocolate, but don't match those heights with this bar.You may also like:Valrhona Dark Chocolate Caraibe 66% CacaoValrhona Gran Couva Dark ChocolateValrhona Dark Chocolate...

Posted on Chocolate Reviews on 2011-07-26 11:20:51
Chocolate Reviews

Cocoa Honey & Mustard Dressing

Last year I tried some of Hotel Chocolat‘s chocolate-themed dressings and thought they were fantastic. The problem was that I got to try them at a press event and wasn’t exactly sure which of their range I actually got to try. But I came across this Cocoa Honey & Mustard Dressing and thought it’d be [...]You may also like:Organic Cocoa PowderDevnaa Dark Chocolate With Almonds and Honey BarZotter Sheep’s Milk and...

Posted on Chocolate Reviews on 2011-07-26 10:11:17
Chocolate Reviews

Magic Choc ? Non Melting Chcolate

Whether you'd pay £5.99 to occupy your children for an hour or so over the school holidays is up to you, but for me I thought it was fairly good value for money. Although I did find it difficult to mould into shape at first.You may also like:Mayan Magic Chocolate Making KitChoc-Affair Hot Chocolate Drink Melting StickCHOC Chick Raw Chocolate Making Starter Kit Adverts:

Posted on Chocolate Reviews on 2011-07-23 06:50:48
Chocolate Reviews

The Smooch Valentines Day Hamper

So it?s probably difficult to get any further away from Valentine’s Day but as they “romance should never die”! It’s just strange that many chocolate shops don’t cater for the love bugs amongst us by selling a wide range of romantic chocolate gifts all year around. Take The Smooch Collection as an example. In the [...]You may also like:Valentine's Chocolate HamperHotel Chocolat Valentines ChocolatesUnusual...

Posted on Chocolate Reviews on 2011-07-22 09:50:52

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