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Chocolate Reviews

Chocolate Cigarellos

If you really wanted to add a sophisticated edge to your baking then Chocolate Cigarellos really do offer a great visual appeal. Whenever I see cakes with these things covering the sides I just want to buy it.You may also like:Chocolate CupsThorntons Red Continental HeartHalf Price Christmas Chocolates & Thorntons Adverts:

Posted on Chocolate Reviews on 2011-09-25 06:00:31
Chocolate Reviews

Chocolate Cups

If you're creating deserts for a dinner party or even a family gathering for a birthday, wedding, engagement or any other reason then these chocolate cups could be well considering.You may also like:Thorntons I Love Mum Chocolate CupsReese's CupsNestle Gold Le Bonbon Mousse Adverts:

Posted on Chocolate Reviews on 2011-09-25 04:50:45
Chocolate Reviews

Mint Aero Christmas Tree

Of course Mint Aeros aren't the best chocolate you've ever tasted - probably nothing from Nestle would be. But they've got a market and they do a good job of supplying people with sweet confectionary.You may also like:Chocolate Christmas Tree DecorationsChocolate Christmas Tree Making KitSir Hans Sloane Christmas Chocolates Adverts:

Posted on Chocolate Reviews on 2011-09-24 08:30:46
Chocolate Reviews

?????????? ??????? ???????

Russia has fascinated me ever since I was a child. The thought that people on the same planet could leave such contrasting, and often stark lives was just intriguing. For the past year or so I’ve been looking on eBay for some Russian chocolate to review and have always bulked at the delivery prices – [...]You may also like:Bite The Bullet Chocolate Russian Roulette Gift SetBooja Booja Organic Cognac Flambéed Banana Truffles Adverts:...

Posted on Chocolate Reviews on 2011-09-23 08:40:56
Chocolate Reviews

Thorntons Bakewell Tart

If you love sweet, flavoured milk chocolate that you can easily get hold of, then you've got to try this Bakewell Tart milk chocolate bar from Thorntons.You may also like:The Chocolate Café Manchester Tart White ChocolateThorntons: Why You Should Have A RethinkThorntons Haiti Mango Save The Children Milk Chocolate Bar Adverts:

Posted on Chocolate Reviews on 2011-09-21 08:31:21
Chocolate Reviews

Rococo Crystallised Ginger 65%

Do you like chocolate that only has the mildest of flavours but still has personality? If you do then you should really try this one out from Rococo.You may also like:Dark Chocolate Ginger Sticks From The Chocolate CafeZotter Ginger Dark Chocolate BarRococo Organic Dark Chocolate With Cardamom Artisan Bar Adverts:

Posted on Chocolate Reviews on 2011-09-20 08:00:59
Chocolate Reviews

Nestlé Gold Éclats de Cacao 64%

I shouldn't really bother reading the review, it wasn't very nice, and there are many, far nicer bars out there to try - even with cocoa nibs in them.You may also like:Nestle Gold Le Bonbon MousseThe Grenada Chocolate Company Nib-a-licious 60%Michel Cluizel Noir Au Grue de Cacao Adverts:

Posted on Chocolate Reviews on 2011-09-19 08:31:04
Chocolate Reviews

Hotel Chocolat Chuao

When it comes to the Chuao I'm a bit of a purist. It just didn't taste like the others, or have the same feel. But I could just be wrong about it.You may also like:Pralus Chuao 75%Hotel Chocolat Purist 65% Dark Chocolate Bar – 96hr ConchAmano Chuao 70% Dark Chocolate Bar Adverts:

Posted on Chocolate Reviews on 2011-09-16 07:30:46
Chocolate Reviews

Artisan du Chocolat Costa Rica 72%

Another example of beautiful chocolate made with cacao from Costa Rica, this one had a lovely variety of flavours through out the melt. If you're near one of their stores and like chocolate with personality then try it.You may also like:Artisan du Chocolat Vietnam Origin BarArtisan du Chocolat Congo Dark Chocolate BarArtisan du Chocolat Adverts:

Posted on Chocolate Reviews on 2011-09-16 07:30:46
Chocolate Reviews

Amedei Bianco

Is there any white chocolate that actually tastes nice and doesn't take you back to those teenage days of feeling like you've over-indulged on cheap chocolate? Well yes, even though its white chocolate it still was very nice.You may also like:Amedei 1er Cru 70% Single Origin From MadagascarAmedei Toscano RedAmedei Toscano Black 70% Adverts:

Posted on Chocolate Reviews on 2011-09-12 07:30:57

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