If you ask me what my favorite salad green is, I’d tell you it’s arugula. If you ask me what my second favorite salad green is, I’d say lettuce. If you ask me what kind of lettuce, I’d tell you any kind except iceberg lettuce. If you ask me what other vegetables I want in [...]

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Chinese sausage, tofu and mushroom soup

In About Chinese sausages, I asked how you readers like to cook them and there was a comment that stood out. While most, myself included, fry Chinese sausages or include them in stir fried dishes, reader Marilyn wrote about steaming them with chicken. It made me pause but then I realized it really wasn’t all [...]

Posted on Home Cooking Rocks! on 2012-03-23 15:30:21
Home Cooking Rocks!

If you?ve heard of P.F. Chang?s Mongolian beef, this is the pork version

No, I’ve never been to P.F. Chang’s although I read that the U.S. food chain opened its first Asian branch in Alabang two months ago. It’s easily a two-hour drive to Alabang and… I just wouldn’t. The copycat recipe for P.F. Chang’s Mongolian beef, I found via Pinterest. I posted it on my cooking, wining [...]

Posted on Home Cooking Rocks! on 2012-03-22 11:50:33
Home Cooking Rocks!

The rocking chair for breastfeeding or sipping a mojito

Sam was born on August 20, 1992, exactly two months before my 29th birthday. And for my birthday that year, Speedy gave me a rocking chair that looked like this: (Photo source: Tubagbohol.com) He had this idea that if I held Sam in my arms, sat on the chair and rocked gently, she would soon [...]

Posted on Home Cooking Rocks! on 2012-03-22 04:50:23
Home Cooking Rocks!

Pressure cooker salay-ginto (yellowstripe scad) with coconut milk

The most serious reason I missed my pressure cooker was because I love, love, loooovveee pressure cooking small bangus (milkfish) until every bit of it is edible — bones and all. You know, sardines style. Now that my pressure cooker is back in action, it is seeing a lot of action. When Speedy and I [...]

Posted on Home Cooking Rocks! on 2012-03-20 12:10:34
Home Cooking Rocks!

Is batotoy a local name for Anadara granosa (blood cockles)?

The last time I heard the word batotoy, I was buying longganisa (native sausages) at Belcap in Xavierville Avenue in Quezon City many years ago. I was surprised to hear batotoy again — this time, while buying shellfish at the Antipolo market. What I really wanted was mussels, the mussels were too small so I [...]

Posted on Home Cooking Rocks! on 2012-03-19 13:10:45
Home Cooking Rocks!

For St. Patrick?s Day: after dinner mint

After a quick trip to the market, Speedy checked his Facebook account, found a lot of Happy St. Patrick’s Day greetings from his family, relatives and friends in the U.S. and asked if I had posted anything for St. Patrick’s Day. I said no — no post for St. Patrick’s Day. An Irish cultural and [...]

Posted on Home Cooking Rocks! on 2012-03-18 03:40:27
Home Cooking Rocks!

Slow cooker recipe: Bacon, cheese and potato casserole

Still experimenting with alternative methods of cooking, after using the pressure cooker for a couple of recipes, I now turn to my slow cooker. It’s probably not the most energy efficient cooking method but the convenience of being able to leave the dish to cook by itself for hours and hours — no stirring nor [...]

Posted on Home Cooking Rocks! on 2012-03-17 13:40:26
Home Cooking Rocks!

Tequila cranberry cocktail

If you’re looking for the easiest cocktail drink recipe ever, you just found it. Two parts tequila plus five parts cranberry juice plus ice cubes. But, surely, there’s a recipe worth writing or, at the very least, a few tips here and there? Well, yes, sort of. First, commercial cranberry juice comes in at least [...]

Posted on Home Cooking Rocks! on 2012-03-17 09:00:22
Home Cooking Rocks!

Optimizing a WordPress (food) blog for mobile devices and my new theme design

The redesign of the blog’s pages is not a whim. It’s a response to technological advances, ever-shifting reading habits and the increasing popularity of mobile internet. If you like to view this blog on a tablet (like an iPad) or a smartphone (like an iPhone), you’ll be happy to know that the pages now render [...]

Posted on Home Cooking Rocks! on 2012-03-17 06:40:10
Home Cooking Rocks!

This little pig is all we?ve got this weekend

We already knew that Sam wouldn’t be coming home this weekend because she’ll be out of town on a photo shoot. We were, however, expecting that Alex would be home. In fact, because she doesn’t have classes on Fridays, we made preliminary arrangements to pick her up on Thursday afternoon. But she couldn’t come home [...]

Posted on Home Cooking Rocks! on 2012-03-16 08:10:10

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