If you ask me what my favorite salad green is, I’d tell you it’s arugula. If you ask me what my second favorite salad green is, I’d say lettuce. If you ask me what kind of lettuce, I’d tell you any kind except iceberg lettuce. If you ask me what other vegetables I want in [...]

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Nutrition For Women In this Hectic World

Women are far busier nowadays. Work and family life is taking a toll on them like never before. Good nutrition is what keeps us active and energetic every day. This helps us to increase our productivity and efficiency that proves to be a very qualitative day. The hassles they have to undergo every day. The … Continue reading Nutrition For Women In this Hectic World

Posted on Home Cooking Rocks! on 2015-03-02 15:30:26
Home Cooking Rocks!

Pork, chicken and pineapple stew

A stew that has cubes of pork belly and chicken portions, the dish is a combination of two recipes in the archive. The chicken version is a favorite with my mother-in-law’s so when we decided to spend a part of Christmas day at her house, it was a logical choice for the potluck lunch. But because it wasn’t just going to be her who has to enjoy the dish, I decided to transform it into a pork...

Posted on Home Cooking Rocks! on 2015-01-09 08:30:42
Home Cooking Rocks!

A ham and olives fried rice story

After enjoying the Chinese olives rice at Kanzhu, I started planning how I’d execute my home version. I had everything I need with two jars of olives in the fridge and lots of salty ham. Then, I discovered that the olives that go into Chinese olives rice are not the same as the Mediterranean olives that I had in the fridge. Chinese olives (Canarium album) belong to the same plant genus as pili nuts. They are sold...

Posted on Home Cooking Rocks! on 2015-01-05 09:50:25
Home Cooking Rocks!

Baked potato wedges with yogurt and cheese

Over three and a half years ago, I asked my daughters which among the dishes I’ve cooked for them they liked best. Alex chose the baked salmon with buttered vegetables; for Sam, it was the baked creamy chicken with potatoes. A little over two years ago, Sam turned vegetarian. Last Christmas Eve, she asked me […]

Posted on Home Cooking Rocks! on 2015-01-04 14:00:37
Home Cooking Rocks!

Food hacks I learned during the holidays

When Speedy bought a couple of young coconuts for Chrstmas Eve’s buko pandan dessert, I wondered what I’d do with the coconut water. The fridge was full; so was the freezer. Why not use some for a cocktail drink? There was mango puree in the fridge, we had kalamansi-honey concentrate and we had rum. We […]

Posted on Home Cooking Rocks! on 2015-01-01 04:10:41
Home Cooking Rocks!

A night in the city: good eats and dining disasters

What I really wanted was to spend New Year’s Eve cooped up in a hotel room in the city, the room in a floor high enough to watch the fireworks with no cables to distract my view and take photos galore. But I couldn’t get a reservation for New Year’s Eve so I settled for […]

Posted on Home Cooking Rocks! on 2014-12-30 06:30:40
Home Cooking Rocks!

A Christmas ham story

A funny thing happened while we were preparing for our Christmas Eve meal. As agreed upon, I did not cook regular food for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Instead, we ate sandwiches here and there all day. By five o’clock in the afternoon, we realized that we were running out of bread. My, bad. That was […]

Posted on Home Cooking Rocks! on 2014-12-26 21:30:33
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Lasagne roll-ups with chunky meat sauce

In the Philippines, no party menu is complete without a noodle dish. And pasta is always a crowd pleaser. I’ve been alternating baked macaroni and lasagna with meat sauce for as long as I can remember — for the girls’ birthdays and school Christmas parties, for family gatherings, for potluck affairs, for unplanned get-togethers… This […]

Posted on Home Cooking Rocks! on 2014-12-22 10:30:53
Home Cooking Rocks!

Egg-topped sweet potatoes braised in tomato sauce

Sam found the inspiration for this dish on Pinterest. The original recipe is a baked dish. Our oven is large and pre-heating it takes forever so I decided to make a stovetop version. The sweet potatoes were cooked in chunky tomato sauce and, when they were done, I cracked two eggs on top, covered the pan and […]

Posted on Home Cooking Rocks! on 2014-12-20 10:20:45
Home Cooking Rocks!

Bacon, asparagus and cottage cheese breakfast muffins

In my ideal world, breakfast consists of freshly baked bread or freshly baked savory muffins, or both. There is herbed butter that, when smeared on the still-warm bread, transforms into a glistening creamy liquid that the bread soaks up with cheerful readiness. Beside the tub of butter, a bowl of homemade jam. The steaming coffee […]

Posted on Home Cooking Rocks! on 2014-12-16 07:20:38

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